Yut Jewelery Koh Sahmet Thailand

In Koh Sahmet in Thailand is Yut Jewelery based on ao Pudsa. Yut is working every day on the beach where he is making beautifull handmade jewelery out of shells and the ´Shiva Eyes´ out of the see. If you like to order, or you just want some more information you can contact Yut by email or cellphone. The shipment is by post and the order has to be paid to the postman at delivery, including postal cost. The prices are depending the quantity, so you can better contact Yut for more information.

Your personal idea realised bu Yut is also an option, you can send him a picture or a design and he can realise it!

About the Shiva Eye
Hidden up to 20 meters deep, on the floor of the tropical ocean, near coral reefs and brightly coloured fish, you will find ........ if you look carefully, the Shiva Eye.
It is used as the as a protective door for the ´Turban Shell`. After the mollusc dies naturally, it gets cast off to reveal the decorative stone.
Hidden too is its beauty, for only after hours of patient sanding and polishing is its full glory and intense colours revealed. The colours of the aragonite stone vary according to the mineral intake of the mollusc.
It is a charismatic thing of charm, abd is said to be a protective stone as the eye of Shiva looks over it bearer and keeps them from harm.